General rental conditions with Sarl

The present general rental conditions are an integral part of the rental agreement between the renter and the rental company Sarl in Geneva. By signing it, the tenant confirms having read the general rental conditions and accept them without reservation.

The renter takes care of the vehicle with the full tank of gas, in working order and clean. All accessories such as: snow chains, child seats, tachograph, sumup, etc. are in perfect condition and entered separately in the rental agreement. The claims of the renter concerning the vehicle and / or the accessories must be immediately communicated to Sarl at the time of the assumption of responsibility.
In case of late payment of the rental week, 100.-Fr will be charged.

The vehicle and all the accessories included in the rental agreement must be returned in perfect condition to Sarl and to the initial withdrawal point indicated in the contract. The costs of filling and fuel are the responsibility of the tenant insofar as it does not bring the vehicle with the tank full.

If at the time of the return the vehicle and / or accessories are not in perfect condition, the tenant assumes the responsibility according to the terms of point 13 of these general rental conditions. The vehicle will be received by an employee Sarl or a person mandated at a time and date previously established. Any change to the vehicle’s return location must be validated in advance by Sarl.
In case of late payment of the rental week, 100.-Fr will be charged.

In the event that the renter does not respect the terms of point 2, additional fees will be charged. See table below :

Back without fullPrice of full(min 30fr)
CleaningCleaning cost (min 50fr)
Delay of 30-60 minutes50fr (RDV canceled > 60m)
Back next weekPrice of the week + 100%
Travelling expensesPrice of a race UberX + 50fr.

The minimum age for renting and driving a vehicle Sarl depends on the category of the rented vehicle and is 18 years for vehicles like Honda Insight and Toyota Prius. The renter must also be in possession of a valid driving license.

The vehicle can be driven by several drivers as long as the driver complies with point 3. The contract holder (the renter) must however notify Sarl of additional drivers by email.

The duration of the rental is determined according to the package chosen namely for a period of 1 day, 1 month, 6 months or 12 months. The tenant can choose a weekly or monthly billing for 1 month, 6 months or 12 months.

If the tenant decides to choose a weekly billing, the calendar is based on the classic system namely from Monday to Sunday (see appendix). Payment for the rental must be made no later than the first day of the week.

If the renter does not take possession of the vehicle on Monday, an adjustment is made pro rata the number of days since the Monday of the current week. This week’s payment must be paid no later than the day the car is taken over.

If the tenant decides to choose a monthly billing, the calendar is based on the classic system namely from Monday to Sunday (see appendix). Payment for the rental must be made no later than the first Thursday of the month.

If the lessee does not take possession of the vehicle on the first of the month, an adjustment is made pro rata the number of days since the first of the current month. This month’s payment must be paid no later than the day the car is taken over.

The tenant can terminate his contract with a notice of 2 weeks and this for any chosen package. after the minimum weeks of use indicated. As long as the tenant does not denounce the termination of his contract, the duration of the contract will continue tacitly from 2 weeks in 2 weeks indefinitely. In case of early return after the initial 4 week period, the rental price will be calculated until the end of the week in court plus two weeks.

The Tenant may benefit from vacation days and may return this car to Sarl for not paying the basic rate during this period. A fee of 15fr per day of security will be charged to the Tenant.

The payment of the rent must be made in advance on the Monday of each week beginning or the first Thursday of each beginning of month according to mention in the contract on the front. Payment can be made by cash, bank transfer or credit card.

If the tenant is unable to provide the necessary solvency and non-prosecution documents, the tenant must provide a deposit by credit card accepted by Sarl or in cash. The renter authorizes Sarl to reserve a credit note from the credit card issuer for all potential liabilities of the renter arising from the rental agreement, subject to a security right in addition. When returning the car at the end of the rental agreement, the final price will be deducted from the deposit provided. Sarl is also authorized and authorized to rectify later the commitments of the tenant arising from the rental contract and relating thereto (for example, the expenses of breakdown, fuel, repair, etc., as well as the fines or penalties and administrative costs) using the means of payment made available to cover rental costs. The final invoice is deemed approved if the tenant does not dispute it in writing within 30 days from Sarl, 77a L’Ancienne Route, 1218 Geneve – CH.

Tenant per week: If the payment is not received by Friday of the week, a 20 € fee will be charged for the current rental week. This is cumulative for the following weeks.

Tenant per month: payment must be made no later than the first Thursday of the month to benefit from the monthly rate. In the event that the tenant does not pay by the first Thursday of the month, the monthly offer is converted into a weekly offer.

The renter undertakes to use the vehicle with care and to regularly check the oil and water levels as well as the tire pressure. He must respect all the rules of the traffic and be well informed about the rules in force in the countries crossed during the trip. The tenant must immediately notify Sarl of defects that he can not eliminate himself and follow the instructions of Sarl relating to the repair. He must first consult Sarl to benefit from the guarantee of covering costs such as those relating to engine oil, spare parts, repairs.

The expenses made by the renter under a guarantee of assumption of expenses will be reimbursed at the time of the return of the rental car on presentation of the corresponding receipts. Repairs made by the tenant are not allowed.

The tenant must immediately notify the police in the event of an accident, theft (burglary / diversion, etc.), loss, fire, damage caused by game or other damages and have a police report drawn up. This also applies to accidents for which the tenant is personally liable without the involvement of third parties. The claims of the opposing party must not be recognized. In case of theft, loss or misappropriation of the vehicle, it is also necessary to contact Sarl immediately in addition to the police.

For all the aforementioned events, the tenant must, even in the event of minor damages, immediately report in writing to the renter, enclosing a sketch. The accident report must include in particular the name and address of the persons involved and any witnesses, as well as the registration numbers of the vehicles involved. In case of theft, the keys of the vehicle, the report on the progress of the flight, and the police report are to be given to the lessor within 24 hours of the flight.

I. The renter is prohibited from using the vehicle:

To take part in motorized sports events, vehicle tests and as a driving school.

To tow, tow or move another vehicle in any way, to the extent that the rental vehicle is not a vehicle provided for this purpose.

Overloaded, that is to say with a number of people or a payload exceeding the values ​​indicated on the driving license.

To transport easily flammable, explosive, toxic or hazardous materials.

To commit customs offenses and other offenses, even if they are punishable only by the law of the place where they are committed.

To re-rent it without the prior consent of Sarl.

II. Vehicle use is permitted in the following countries: </ span> </ h2>
Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland. This provision is also applicable to the use of the vehicle on the islands situated in these countries, (with the exception of the Canary Islands and islands outside Europe which belong to these countries). The use of the vehicle in all other countries is an essential breach of the contract and voids all limitations of liability.

The renter is responsible for all damages (in particular tires and broken glass) due to the negligence of the lessee or his assistants or in contravention of the law or the contract.

The renter is responsible for all damages (especially tires and broken glass), whether or not he bears the responsibility. “Minor damage” is defined as damage done up to a minimum of 750fr which corresponds to the detailed list of “minor damage” and the cost of repair displayed at the counter. The tenant must confirm having read this list in the rental agreement.

In addition, the renter is in particular responsible for all defects and / or damage to the vehicle which he must answer personally. This includes, but is not limited to, damage caused by:

the filling of the tank with an inappropriate fuel, the non-respect of the maximum heights of passage (garage entrances, underpasses and similar places); the inappropriate use of chains, ski racks, careless loading of ski racks, handling without any care of the vehicle inside (in particular, cigarette holes, slots and stains in the upholstery and carpets) , off-road journeys and generally negligent driving (in particular, damage to the underbody, eg steering, gearbox, suspension, shock absorbers and damage to axle components, underbody, crankcase oil, cables and lines, exhaust, protective plates and grilles), incorrect handling of vehicles (mechanical damage to the clutch, gearbox, suspension, etc., which are not guaranteed by the garages indicated in the contract), improper handling of the convertible sunroof (especially its non-closure in case of rain, wind, etc.).

The extent of liability includes the cost of repair and / or the value of the vehicle in the event of total damage as well as consequential damages such as towing costs, expert fees, depreciation, rental losses , legal fees, administrative costs.

The renter must reimburse any fines or penalties related to the use of the vehicle claimed from the renter, in addition to the administrative costs of the lessor, unless they fall under the responsibility of the lessor. In case of violation of the Road Traffic Act in Switzerland and abroad, the tenant authorizes the owner to transmit the contract data to all official services (police, lawyers, traffic authorities, etc.) in Switzerland and abroad.

If a protection is agreed according to the principles of full protection, the renter will be liable in case of damage up to the deductible agreed in the contract. This reduction of liability does not apply to the damages listed in point 11, in the absence of protection which concretely covers the damages of the renter. The exemption from liability does not apply to damage caused by an unauthorized driver or in the case of use for a prohibited purpose, in the event of the Tenant’s breach of the agreement and intentional or gross negligence (within the meaning of the LCR), especially in the case of excessive fatigue, unfitness to driving due to alcohol or drugs, and also damage due to loading.

Any exemption from the renter’s liability by the lessor must be in writing to have validity.

At the time of the assumption of responsibility of the vehicle as of its restitution, the renter registers in the rental agreement, with the tenant, all the visible light damages of the vehicle, according to the detailed list of minor damages and costs of repair displayed in the counter, which the tenant declares to have read.

In the context of the present general rental conditions currently in force, the light damages are defined as:

Damage for which the repair does not exceed CHF 750 (seven hundred and fifty) and

Which correspond to the list of damage displayed at the counter.

At the time of the assumption, the damage not repaired must appear in the lease with the corresponding signatures of the renter and the tenant. At the end of the lease, that is to say when returning the vehicle, any new light damage found must be mentioned in the lease. At this stage, the new light damage is immediately noted, approved, signed by the renter and the tenant, and billed to the tenant at the cost of repair mentioned in the list displayed at the counter. If this option is available, the tenant gives his approval by electronic signature or by signing the corresponding paper document. The cost of these repairs directly billed to the renter by the lessor includes both the cost of damage repair, administrative costs, capital costs, the cost of spare parts and labor costs. The repair costs invoiced, mentioned above, are payable under the same conditions as the payment of the rental contract.

The renter is liable for the damage of the tenant caused by a defect of the vehicle as stipulated by articles 259a and 259e CO, insofar as the responsibility is not otherwise covered by an individual agreement. Moreover, any contractual or non-contractual liability of the lessor to the lessee and any other assigns under the contract will be excluded if the damage has not been caused intentionally or by gross negligence by the lessor. The renter is not liable for damage caused by his assistants.

In case the contract is not respected Sarl gives himself the right to requisition the car at any time. Any costs related to this requisition (lawyer, travel …) will be the responsibility of the tenant. The renter must give a minimum notice day to the renter of the car before recovering it by giving an address and a specific schedule for an appointment.

Any right of retention of the tenant on the vehicle for alleged claims to the company Sarl is excluded.

Any supplement and any modification of this contract require the written form to have validity.

This contract is governed by Swiss law. The competent court is Vaud.

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