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  • Honda Insight

    4 places

    1 Child Seat

    4 Suitcases

    AT, hybrid, air-conditioner, cruise-control

    CHF 0.-

  • Prius +

    6 places

    1 Child Seat

    2 Suitcases

    AT, hybride, climatiseur, régulateur de vitesse, contrôle de stationnement

    CHF 0.-

  • Toyota Prius

    4 places

    1 Child Seat

    2 Suitcases

    AT, hybrid, air-conditioner, cruise control

    CHF 0.-

Online booking

Car rentals

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Hybrid cars for professional drivers

CHF 275.- 1875 Km/ Week

Caution CHF 1000.- in case of accident

Cars are rented for 1 month minimum (28 jours)

Cars are equipped with tachygraphes and plates GE96… and VD

Hybrid cars for travelers to Switzerland

Two simple formulas

CHF 60.- unlimited Km/ Day

Caution CHF 1000.- in case of accident
CHF 40.-/ Day limited Km and CHF 0.30.- cents/Km

Caution CHF 1000.- in case of accident

Car rentals
    • Car rentals in Geneva, Nyon, Lausanne
    • Hybrid cars
    • Automatic transmission, air freshener
    • Compact, Limousine, SUV
    • Better prices for a long-term car rentals
    • We rent our cars in Geneva for long-term periods
Technical support
  • Car rental prices include insurance
  • Technical support is provided by Sarl
Clients support
  • Rent a car in your mother-tongue language. We speak French, English, Spanish, Italian and Russian
  • Book your car by Email, Phone or WhatsApp
  • 24/7 client’s support


Van Mercedes Viano
CHF 180.0

Honda Insight
CHF 60.00

Prius +
CHF 80.00

Toyota Prius
CHF 60.00


  • Our hybrid cars effectively consume gasoline
  • Hybrid Power one tank = 800 Km
  • Hybrids use two motors instead of one they are the most gasoline efficient of all cars combining an electrical engine.
  • The chief advantages of a hybrid car are that it uses less fuel and emits less CO2 than most conventional non-hybrid vehicles.
  • All our cars have automatic transmission and easy to drive
Contact us! Rent a car
+41 78 860 58 20

Save Money & The Planet

  • Our cars are hybrids.
  • Hybrid cars are eco-friendly as they effectively consume gasoline and produce less emmissions
  • Eco-friendly cars help to save unique Swiss environment and your wallet.
  • Rent your hybrid car in Geneva.
  • Book a your car by email, phone or Whatsapp
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